Dinner and Dancing

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Hope for Team Tara supported several dysautonomia foundations, raising awareness from Memphis and beyond over the last several years.  This included The Dysautonomia Project with our Dinner and Dancing for Dysautonomia Awareness Gala.  Here is a snippet from chapter two of Defeating Dysautonomia – One Spoon at a Time, With Faith, Hope and Love.

The  second year, as I was escorted into the Hard Rock Café by my team members, it felt like I had an entourage. That sounds so passe, but it takes just that when you have dysautonomia and don’t know how your body is going to behave. I mean, imagine that—I was escorted in by an entourage. That makes me giggle now just thinking about it. Who, me?  The theme for the second year was Dinner and Dancing for Dysautonomia Awareness, and Dysautonomia Awareness was what we had.

Join us in education and awareness when you order a copy for yourself or a loved one.

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