And this commandment we have from Him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.


1 John 4:21

Sitting here reflecting on my trip inside for essential groceries, I am so thankful for the love that @aldiusa and my community shows me. I choose Aldi because of the continuous care they give me and their customers, particularly during this time. This must be how the neighbors in my community feel, because they are showing the same love and support.

My first trip was similar to most trips that I take when I go out;

Meds for later✔
Sunglasses ✔
Trixie andvest✔
Ready….Oh!… my keys.Yep! …and the Aldi bags🤦‍♀️ (brain fog) grocery list ✔

As I approach the entrance, with all of my shopping paraphernalia in tow, a gentleman is waiting with his basket. I am SO grateful and thank him, kindly. Then, spray my basket and roll inside.

On my list was toilet paper, but the shelf was empty. Looking to my right was Kleenex. Perfect! That will do. I picked up the last 2 boxes.

As I moved across the blue tape to the checkout, a neighbor shopper noticed my Kleenex, and asked where I got them. I told her that these were the last 2, as I handed her one of them. She was overjoyed! …but I felt this was my Blessing .

Well, after placing my items on the belt, I had stood too long. @TrixietheServicePup alerted and 3 workers approached, including the previous one. I sat down until we checked out and drank some hydration water. This helped. Trixie relaxed and so did everyone else.

On the second trip, there was someone wiping down carts and handing them out. No quarters to find or chains to unlock. Just cleanliness, safety and love.


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