Defeating Dysautonomia

One Spoon at a Time, With Faith, Hope and Love

A woman hard hit by dysautonomia, a severe autoimmune neurotoxicity disease, recovers through sheer faith in God and with the help of one remarkable cardiologist. Defeating Dysautonomia: One Spoon at a Time with Faith, Hope, and Love is Tara Smith Johnson’s brave, resilient story. Each chapter accompanies clinical responses from various physicians who have helped her along her arduous journey, offering a common-sense approach when experiencing symptoms associated with chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases. With Scriptures and helpful, healing solutions woven throughout each chapter, the chronic illness community will be encouraged and sustained that they too can find hope and healing toward a manageable lifestyle.


LEARN MORE about Dr. Murray, the physician who co-authored Defeating Dysautonomia.


VIEW PICTURES  from the Dinner and Dancing gala for Dysautonomia Awareness.


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For as long as I can remember, Trixie has sat with me during my devotion. Well, from the time we moved back and placed this chair here (it has a perfect view of the lake from inside on particularly cold and wet mornings), I have sat here, as often as I felt well, and read, wrote or spoke with the Lord.

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About  the Founder

Hi it’s Tara!

I live in Tennessee with my service pup, Trixie.  I may call Tennessee home, but I’m also a native Texan and Texas will always have my heart.  There’s one special human that calls me mom.  Keeping up with her and Trixie take up a lot of time.

In 2014, my life took an unexpected turn.  Soon after, I had many followers on Facebook and decided to pivot.  From an unexpected change in lifestyle, I formed Hope for Team Tara and held the Dinner and Dancing for Dysautonomia Gala four years in a row.


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